“We made a lot of progress at Barca”

A few months after arriving in Catalonia, the striker FC Barcelona Robert Lewandowski Returning to various current issues of the club during an interview published in the columns of Marsa:

Team progress

“Even though we’ve only been playing together for a few months, we can see the progress we’ve made. We can grow as a team at the beginning of next year. We’ll be more consistent next season. In football, if you do everything right, you can win a lot of titles in a short time. But if you’re out in the Champions League, something breaks. .It’s unfortunate that we lost a lot of players to injury. We had to adapt to a new system and new teammates … it was more complicated, but now we can move on.”

Goal scoring instincts

“I always try to do my best. Not only by scoring goals, but also by helping the team. At Barca, it’s not enough to score, you also have to play well and make the right moves. People I pass will tell me if I score. I’m good, if not I’m not. But there’s a lot to watch out for when I play here. There are things.

Rebuilding the team

“I knew I wouldn’t win all the titles in my first season at Barca. The team needs time. We should be in the knockout stages of the Champions League. We learned a lot, especially our young players. We made mistakes. We shouldn’t repeat them at this level.”

Youth Movement

“The players love it PedroI am not Gavi A big step is going to be taken not only at the World Cup but also at the club level. They will be more confident after this prestigious match. She is going to do them a lot of good. “

Come to Barca

“I knew it was time to leave. At Bayern, I was in my comfort zone. In my personal and professional life, coming to Barcelona was the best thing. I always dreamed of playing in La Liga, I wanted to know something new. The championship. I’m happy here.”

Want to play with Messi?

Messi He is a brilliant player. Look at the balloons he delivered to the attackers. If you watch how Leo plays, you will see that he has a special affinity for attacking players. For a striker, playing with him is a dream. I don’t know what will happen in the future, but he is the best player to distribute the game and put the ball in the box, between the lines.

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