Vincent Labrun will earn 1.2 million euros a year as boss of the league and its commercial company.

Some time ago, the Board of Directors of the Professional Football League (LFP) presented the remuneration of its leaders within the framework of the creation of its commercial company, the investment fund CVC and the arrival of its 1.5 billion euros against 13% of the capital of this subsidiary of the LFP.

Thus, Vincent Labrun, president of the body and now president of his commercial company, received a 3 million euro bonus for completing the operation with CVC, according to several sources. Arnaud Ruger and Sébastien Casali, the league’s general manager and administrative financial director, were also awarded.

The key clarification, according to the administrators, is that these bonuses are not from the money received by the clubs, but from a percentage of the remuneration paid by CVC to the two banks, Lazard and Centreview, and the law firm that led the negotiations.

His annual salary as league president was €420,000

Annually, Vincent Labrun now earns 1.2 million euros for his dual role. As a reminder, his remuneration as president of the league brought in 4,20,000 euros a year. “These amounts are significant, but we can reach these amounts in this type of operation.”A creator of these files reveals to us.

A study by global management consulting and executive recruitment firm Egon Zehnder for the league’s CA shows that the sum puts Vincent Labrun in the lower range of his European rivals’ remuneration.

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