Unusual near Janzé: At the end of this race, there will be only one!

Members of the association Les Couleurs Solidaires gathered in front of the Saint Anne chapel
Members of the Les Couleurs Solidaires association gathered in front of the Saint Anne Chapel. Le Journal de Vitré

The association Les Couleurs Solidaires is launching a new challenge: The Illuminated of Sainte-AnneA race There “will be only one”!

The first edition of this solidarity race will take place in Amanlis (Ille-et-Villain). It’s open to everyone to “test yourself, have fun and surpass yourself,” explains Philippe Arondel.

The principle is simple: a 2.7 km country loop ending in a Coast “out of category” With a certain amount of time Getting there: 20 minutesOr an average of 8.1 km/h.

For the association L’Odyssée de Titouan

Each lap, a fresh start with the finishers of the previous lap, and so on until only one remains.

“Beyond the original race, Titovan is above all supporting the young Amanlician Association”, clarify the organizers.

Saturday, September 17th, leaving in front of the Sainte-Anne Chapel at 6:30 p.m., no registration. Participation: €5, children under 12 free. Information 06 80 04 81 20.

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