TV rights: The NBA wants to attract streaming platforms like Apple and Amazon

2023 will be an important or critical year for the NBA as Adam Silver will have to reach an agreement with the players for the new collective agreement, and it will not be simple, and we know that the television rights will also be implemented. As the current deal expires in the 2024/25 season.

As of 2016, the NBA receives $2.7 billion annually from broadcasters in the United States: ESPN, ABC, and TNT. At the time, the three organizations signed a $24 billion contract that allowed the NBA and its 30 franchises to raise the salary cap from $63 million to $90 million.

Today, the NBA is financially sounder than ever, with some players earning $50 million a year and franchises worth billions, and the league hopes to double the amount of fees. TV will hit $50 billion! For comparison, the NFL signed a $100 billion deal over 10 years with its broadcasters in 2021.

Amazon Prime Video, a new global sports star

For this, the league will play the match and also open for other types of broadcasts. Therefore, Front Office Sports announces that the NBA intends to make offers to online platforms such as Apple TV and Amazon.

It’s obviously not a question of competing with NBA League Pass or television, but rather offering them a lot with less competition. the aim ? Recover at least a billion dollars a year!

On the part of Amazon, we are ready to become a major player in sports, the e-commerce giant has already offered itself, for 10 years, the meeting on Thursday evening at the NFL for 1.2 billion dollars! Around the world, Amazon, through its Prime Video service, broadcasts 17 regular season football-like competitions, including the Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Champions League, tennis, baseball and basketball. In the WNBA.

According to Front Office Sports, the Amazon file will be so hot that our colleagues are stirring up a “package” consisting of one or two games per week during the regular season.

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