Tunisia could be drafted by FIFA, threatened with exclusion

FIFA has asked the Tunisian Football Federation for an explanation of possible interference. Tunisians may be excluded from the World Cup.

Tunisia could not travel to Qatar. A month before the match, FIFA asked the Tunisian Football Federation by post for details of a possible case of interference within the entity.

Youth Sports Minister Kamal Deguiche has threatened to replace the leaders of the Tunisian Football Federation. An intervention not sanctioned by FIFA.

It has been brought to our attention that the state authorities want to intervene in the affairs of the Tunisian Football Federation, especially considering the dissolution of the Federal Bureau of the FTF. In this regard, we would like to remind you that the member associations of FIFA are legally obliged to manage their affairs independently and without undue influence from third parties.“Can we read in a letter dated October 24, addressed to Wadi Jari, President of the Tunisian Football Federation.

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Italy is hopeful

FIFA has given Tunisia a few days to explain itself, but nothing seems to be progressing in the case. No party can calm things down. So Tunisia can also deny travel to Qatar. If this decision is made, the first team not to qualify for the World Cup in the international rankings will be drafted, so Italy may get that spot.

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