Trial: Jérôme Clair flies Dieppe’s colors on Reunion Island

Jerome Clair is happy to have crossed the finish line of a difficult path.
Jerome Clair is happy to have crossed the finish line of a difficult path. (©Jerome Clare)

This is it The second of the Grand Raid de la Reunion matchesThe Trail de Bourbon is not accessible to everyone!

with that 109 km to go And its in the mountain 6,300 meters elevation gain, This event is just below the Diagonale des Faus.

Jérôme Clair, a member of AC Veules, entered the closed circle of the “100 Genards”. This trail de bourbon finisher.

A waiver to clear

This Trail de Bourbon started in Silavos the evening after the start of the Diagonal des Faus.

Jerome Clare represented Dieppe 1,247 starters

I was already at the start last year, but I was forced to retire after a fall at kilometer 84. I had to come back to finally cross the 100 mark and reach the finish of this event.

Jerome Clare

With his wife, daughter and son-in-law on site refueling, Jérôme Clair arrived at Reunion with a strong preparation, inspired by his precious ones.

Four months of preparation

For four months he surveyed routes and climbs in forests and jungles, making four outings a week.

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“A lot of training is needed before completing 109 km at an altitude of more than 6,000 meters,” says Jerome Clair, who has already completed the GR 20 twice in Corsica (189 km).

The first night was difficult for me with rain, wind and slippery conditions. I fell at the fifteenth kilometer, but unscathed. Since I had been on this trial last year, I knew what awaited me and this allowed me to better manage my efforts. In this regard, Aurore Canino (athlete and physiotherapist) got me back on my feet before the event when I had problems with my adductors and my back.

Jerome Clare

If so Jerome Clare’s first night was difficult, The latter was more peaceful.

“The most difficult thing to control during the day was the sunrise and the heat. Everything is made in mind, to last and go to the end.

In the end, no major physical problems were experienced.

His preparation and diet during the race (especially compote, rice, chocolate, soup) contributed to the result.

He was able to rest twice by taking two four-hour naps.

After 36 hours and 51 minutes Jerome Clare reached the Redoubt Stadium by running and walking across 109 kilometers made up of ups, downs and rough roads.

So this is part of it 900 people arrived A very demanding event as it was nothing less 350 dropouts

It is very powerful on an emotional level, it is a great relief to be a finisher and find yourself on the track with your family, finishing these last meters in front of a strong reunion.

At the Marathon des Sables in the spring

The trail was like a first for Jerome Clare, a former US Envermiu soccer player who started running with his son seven years ago.

Obviously, like all trail runners, he will set other goals, starting with the Marathon des Sables planned for next spring with his friends Reynold Lorin and Marion Harrell.

There will be elevation and heat.

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