Timothy Wey on World Cup: “Hate to start”

Timothy, here you are on your way to the World Cup, the first World Cup of your career. How did you welcome this election?
It is an honor to join my national team for my first World Cup. In a career, it is something very special for every player. After the match against Rennes (1-1, 06/11/22) I received a call from the coach (Greg Berhalter). He told me a bit about my positioning as a right-back, although in selection, I think I play in an attacking position.

Do you find yourself today on the cusp of realizing a childhood dream?
Yes, clearly. I think it’s everyone’s dream when you love football. In 2010, I was in South Africa with my father (George Weah) for the World Cup. We participated in several matches, including the final, Spain-Netherlands (1-0 ap). When you’re 10 years old and you see players like Iniesta and Robben on the pitch playing a match like that, it does something to you. That day I told myself that one day I too will play a World Cup. Now that I’m here, I have this opportunity, and I can’t wait to get started.

wow,Your father, who was a great player, never got this opportunity to experience the World Cup. Did you talk to him about it?
It is true that he has not played in the World Cup yet. We have already discussed together. It makes him proud and happy to see me there today. When he heard that I was selected, he shouted at home (the smile). It makes me proud too. I will play a bit for him in this World Cup.

Tell us a little about your United States National Team. How would you describe your playing style?
I don’t want to talk too much about it, that’s for the public to find out. But I think everyone already knows how we play when they know a little bit about American culture. There are no miracles, we are all hard workers, we work hard and we will give everything on the pitch. We feel passionately behind our choice. Soccer is a sport that is increasingly seen and appreciated in the States, especially as the number of American players playing in Europe continues to increase each year. We also know that the next World Cup will be held here in 2026 (USA, Canada, Mexico).

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