Se Roberto: “Too bad Neymar woke up too late”

At 48, Se Roberto, who has played more than a thousand professional matches at Bayern Munich, Gremio or Palmeiras, is being lured by Neymar’s start to the season. For the former Brazilian midfielder (84 appearances between 1995 and 2006), it was the prospect of a World Cup that sounded the alarm for the Parisian star.

“Last year, Neymar had the worst season of his career. Since the restart, he has already scored 12 goals and 9 assists in 16 matches with PSG. Did you imagine such a comeback?
I considered it because he has the World Cup (November 20 to December 18) Targeted. His motivation is overwhelming. The Selecao can really win. She was last armed with Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Adriano in 2006. We topped the qualifiers and won the Confederations Cup (in 2005). Such is the case with this team. She has a coach (Titus) It progressed and it no longer depended on Neymar alone, because it had Rafinha, Vinicius Jr., Anthony, Paqueta … With a team like that, Neymar realized that it was now or never going down in history.

Is that why, as Christophe Galtier put it, seeing a sharp Neymar again?
Yes, he finally realized that managing his physique was more important than managing his talent. He worked, he took care of himself. He relied on his natural ability for too long. But at 30, that’s not enough. I played until I was 43, but since 30 my recovery hasn’t been what it used to be. He should have noticed my diet, sleep… he must have felt that he was losing his focus, pace, dribbling. He went on vacation to work and returned to training earlier than expected. As if he realized that he can no longer perform without working. It was about time! Too bad he stays up so late. He wouldn’t have been the best player in the world all these years but would still be in the top 3 with Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. De Bruyne and others would never have surpassed him…

“It’s like Neymar and Mbappé are making fun of collective goals, it’s undermining the balance of the group”

At PSG, the relationship with Messi works very well, but it stuck with Mbappe, didn’t it?
It is not surprising. In this type of locker room, a penalty episode is inevitable. There are so many egos in every m2 and it’s normal for things to get heated. On the pitch, we see passes that don’t come, the look… it’s a negative message to the rest of the team. It undermines the balance of the group, as if Neymar and Mbappe don’t care about collective goals. But hey, now that doesn’t reflect much on their performance.

Neymar seems cold to Mbappe and has never been unanimous with supporters. Isn’t that a problem?
It won’t last. I feel like his supporters never agreed 100%. But that’s his fault. Because of his behavior. The relationship between Neymar and Paris is strained and headed for divorce. I see him playing in the World Cup, finishing the season and then going. I’m almost sure. Neymar is a sensitive kid. He needs the support of supporters, media and group. If he doesn’t feel love, he will go somewhere else.

Where do you think he will return?
In Spain. At Real Madrid. If I’m wrong, you call me back, okay? (He laughs.) »

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