Running: Ruitz found his runners after a two-year absence

After being disturbed for two years due to the health pandemic, the 30th edition of the races resumed this Sunday, October 16 in Ruitz.

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The 10 km Ruitlot is one of the oldest races in the region (1 km for children, 2.4 km for teenagers, 5 km for cadets and masters, 10 km for cadets and masters).

Organized by the entertainment department and volunteers with the support of the municipality, more than 430 amateur runners gathered together for the joy of running and challenging themselves.

Running is good, but running together is better Confirm that 69-year-old Patrick and 62-year-old Isabelle from Givenchy-en-Gohelle are ready to tackle their 10km run.


Sebastien, 35, from La Comte gasps. He is tired after covering 5 km: ” It was a difficult course, especially the Côte de la Renardier… it hurts! “.

For 23-year-old Cassandra, she ran with her two Malinois dogs, who she used to follow when she went mountain biking. ” Otis and Pampa are in great shape. I, on the other hand, lash out. » « The race remains a big party in the village “, explains Arnaud Montevis, the mayor’s first deputy. There is no doubt that this version has achieved great success on asphalt and on the sides of roads.

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