Run in Pleurtuit: 16 October 2022 to run, walk and meet

The 10 km run will pass through the headland of Cancaval and its beautiful landscape…
The 10 km run will pass through the headland of the Cancaval and the spectacular landscape… ©(Le Pays Malouin /Jacques Pons)

Ten days before the event, the Association of Parents of the Saint-Pierre de Plouertuit School (APEL) is on the starting block.

Sunday, October 16, 2022All these parents of motivated students will organize First edition of Run in Pleurtuit.

A hike, a 10km run and a children’s course

A sporting challenge offered 9:30 am 12 km hike from Pleurtute town to the edge of Cancaval to discover the coast of Rance.. Then, for the athletic and running lover, 10km course timed and measured (from 16 years), at 10:30am.. Finally, for the youngest, Children’s course from 500m to 1km depending on the age of the child from 11.30am..

A challenge born to unite families

The idea of ​​this sports challenge was born when we were looking for ways to bring families together after the lockdown.

Natalie Pichon, President of Appel

From there, there was only one step that Assistant Secretary Geraldine Forno or Thomas Lisnard, one of the members of the office, voluntarily took until they thought about running: they both practiced running. “It’s true that promoting sport to children is a goal, confirms Geraldine, but our primary motivation is to rebuild the link. »

So this first run on Plurtuit wants to be open to everyone.

Call for volunteers

A call for volunteers is also open: 17 parents of students in the association are not enough for the 75 positions defined to provide indications, signs and supervision on the course, security, catering and refreshment bar.

As for registrations, formalities, prices, bibs, times and results, APEL has collaborated with the specialist Vincent Labat, whose site is a benchmark for nature races and other sporting events.

Videos: Currently on Actu

Nine days before the event, there were already 218 registered as of Friday morning, October 9.

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