Prix ​​de Bretagne 2022, in Vincennes: here are the runners and our prediction for this magnificent Quinté

2022 Prix d'America 2022 Crac Gallius (smiling on the left in the photo) will be the second-placed attraction of the race.
The highlight of the race will undoubtedly be Krak Galius (smiling on the left in the photo), second in the Prix de Américain 2022. ©Archive JBM

A great start to the big winter races at the Hippodrome de Vincennes.

Climax will be there The price of AmericaOn the last Sunday of January 2023, the biggest trotting race in the world, until then, the famous “Four B” (Prix de Bretagne, Belgique, Bourbonnais, Bourgogne), where every horse is placed on the podium. Immediately qualifying for beauties.

Prix ​​de Bretagne: 17 competitors, 2700 meters

B for BrittanyTherefore, on Sunday, November 20, 2022, the first of these preparatory events, often the most open, after arriving early at the meeting, when the biggest cracks are sometimes logically not yet 100%.

Also, there is no Idao by Tillard, Isord Vedacquis, Hohneck or Etonent, In the beginning This Sunday; These, which we will probably see among the favorites for the Prix d’Amérique 2023, will certainly hit the circuit of preparatory stages later in the calendar.

This first B welcomes everyone on a rich platter 17 contestants, including newcomers and firm values ​​at this level. All will compete on the 2700m of Vincennes’ big track.

Let’s try to clarify all this in part…

Beginners in detail

1- Rackham

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Straight from Sweden, this very smart resident Christopher Erickson It will be his second career appearance at the Hippodrome de Vincennes.

The former was disqualified after an investigation following an erratic course in the 2100m of Vincennes’ big track.

This time, we are extending the distance, and if we mention his only French race at Laval Racecourse on November 1, it will not displease him.

At the end of a very complicated course, he was holding his nose for a long time, and he had taken second place, and his driver did not seem to be able to launch him completely in the final stage.

Here, it entrusts the driver in the form of the moment, Alexandre Abrivard, who won nine races in 13 participations between November 13 and 15.

Certainly not an American horse, but Rackham has the profile of a fit trotter who could surprise the world in a prep race that not everyone has yet.

2- Hip Hop Houfour

He is a tough guy. Perhaps a worthy successor to Paris Houfour, Tigo d’Etang and other Severinos.

A resident of the barn, strong all winter Christian Bigion, and here comes a priory in good shape. His last race, the European Championships for 5-year-olds, was quite unusual: Hooker Berry made it to the last bend and, contrary to the (very good) horse he was tracking, he returned with a strong final straight. to the necks of the said Herald of Arms and Honeck, who will certainly appear if they attend the favorites of the race which interests us.

At this value, he is definitely one of the horses in the race.

Never losing on a course, he will have to rely on the motivation of his trainer, he will shrink himself: he does not have a big margin, but if he is brought back well – it is not the fastest. At the beginning – the race is rhythmic, as hard as he is, he can even win.

3- Hokkaido Gial

He too has done great things in his career. A number of missed appointments to his credit, not the luckiest of his career, he still has a bank account of around €400,000.

His last course was difficult as he found himself in the second thicket of rock called Gallet Stead, on which everything was now smiling.

his Regular drivers Alexandre Abrivard and David Thomain prefer other rides to him, so he will find Mathieu Abrivard, who has only led once in his career. He will have to do the short course in hopes of stealing a small spot.

4- Gala Tej

He placed 2nd in a nice Doux Parfum, for first in a flat configuration of forelegs, unshod on the hindquarters.

Given that this run, he finds tougher opposition this time around. His talented young driver’s inexperience makes us think we’ll see him run this time, and expect him to have a softer course that allows him to come after the rail and pick up a small car. In good contrast.

5- Hatchet Man

A former resident of the Allaire stable now runs for the training of strongmen Charles Antoine MarieHe made very good value Grand Prix of the city of CaenIf we carefully review the race.

Fourth, it’s disappointing on paper, especially since he was the favorite at the time, but he had to make several accelerations in the marathon event, which gave him a lot of extenuating circumstances: look, he turned Firecracker, no. The first comer then made trouble for Delfino in the final turn.

Previously, he had come so close to surprising Elie de Beaufort that he was thought to have beaten him.

With these performances, combined with the confidence his coach exudes and the fact that this is his best chance to earn a ticket to America, we’re rooting for him (the odds are definitely better).

6- Florida Sport

A well mounted trotting mare, she presents herself here with the aim of having a clean run for good entries in her favorite subject. We scratch it this time without taking too many risks.

7- Landret Hussar

He doesn’t make much noise, but what a profession, what a horse! He is certainly in the form of his life, ahead of Hohneck’s Scarecrow, the surprise winner of the Criterium des 5ans a few weeks ago.

With a good ride, he will surely reach the finish.

Again presented barefoot, this resident Benoit Robin You’ll probably have to show up on your Quinté tickets, because it’s hard to imagine it coming out of a winning combination.

However, for success, other competitors are preferred.

8- Ambia Made Sm

Time announced as a major competitor of Face Time Bourbon At the Prix d’Amérique 2022, she ultimately did not participate (like her rival, a too-small bank account error and a failed qualifying event.

However, her arrival in France in 2021 was thunderous, and she rose through the ranks there with immense grace and talent. This year, it could be his.

Elie de Beaufort lost her second comeback match and she comes here with this nice extra run in her legs.

She’s already proven she’s good at this time of year, and she’ll have a man of great dates, Frank Nivard, to his sulky. Our beloved

9- Discoloration

Here is another inferno with tremendous speed. Since last summer she has found many good courses and should not be ashamed of such company.

She finished third in the recent Prix des Sevens, in which our favorite Ambia Made SM finished second (see video above). With this performance, she is one of many contenders for a spot today, especially since those around her are confident.

10- Violet Jet

A second occupant Soloy StableHe has not won since June 2021.

It was an incredibly strong horse at the time, but it seemed to spit out its fire. In six races since the start of the year, it has not finished closer than fifth.

Several contenders scratch him here, but rivals in the peloton will have the luxury of not looking too far. So it is a horse that, being forgotten, can come to a small place and pull the chestnuts out of the fire.


Talented, little champion The Martens family Hasn’t raced in over two months and is developing on the rails this time.

In fact, you should watch him run for future matches because this was definitely not his day.

12- Fakir du Lorault

It feels like we’ve known him forever. Capable of brilliant strokes like the original days, he is brimming with talent, even if he seems less sharp than in his youth.

He is certainly in good form, a fine second at 50m in the Grand Prix de la Ville de Caen, but has never been able to shine in the preparatory races in recent years.

He deserves to finally get the right course, the ideal run, but we’re not giving enough assurances to keep him in the forecast.

13- Gallius

This is it The rupture of the race. He finished 2nd in the Prix d’Amérique 2022 and will be among the favorites for the 2023 edition, barring a surprise. “He won’t be 100%, but he will be in good shape and should qualify”, explained his trainer Severin Raymond, to the microphone from Equidia at the beginning of the week.

Because even at 80%, a horse of his ability can win in such a society.

It would be disappointing for him to finish beyond third place.

14- Saren Fas

Jean-Michel Basir’s first runner (of two), he joined his boxes this year and will run for the second time in training.

Its first trip isn’t bad, but the horse has strayed away from the Ambia Made SM or Decoration found here.

Inevitably, however, with Jean-Michel Bassier in Sulky, we can expect miracles. Difficult to measure: He’ll have to show another face anyway to hope to compete.

15- Italiano Vero

His strong stable mate Isord Vedacquais and the incredible Idao de Tillard will be absent from the start.

Freed from these two phenomena, this time he will be the I of service. This is an opportunity to see a little more clearly the quality of this generation of very promising four-year-olds who have not competed at a high level for a while.

A criterium winner beaten at UET after one race, he absolutely spits fire a bit early and he’s a good speedy, all-course horse. Undaunted from behind, he has the confidence of his timid entourage. We’re sorry (but we can’t include them all).

16- Hooker Berry

Question the final speed, this too has a lot!

Never lost on a course, it has given us some memorable finishes in the past. With a good ride, it will still finish. Davidson is linked to du Pont with Prix d’American 2022 winner Nicolas Bassier (one of the bigs who will miss this winter’s meeting due to tendonitis). Looks like we should prioritize success…

17- Gautier flame

She is the dream necklace. the winner Cornelier priceAt the World Mounted Trotting Championships, 2022, she finished 3rd in the Prix de America a week later.

Now with three re-entry races in her legs, her condition is slowly improving. An easy winner in a small field on Oct. 25, she can still make a case here, even if her trainer and driver son’s eyes turn to later dates on the winter calendar.

It won’t actually race for victory, but certainly won’t hesitate if possible at the end of the last turn.


Our prediction: 8-13-5-17-2-9-7 (and 15th in case of a non-runner)

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