pictures Race: Le Ney and Remont win on the Estran route

Trial Estran 2022
Cyril Le Nye wins the 50km in 3hrs 56’40. ©Jérémy Nédélec / Le Trégor

A successful Sunday Cyril Le Nye And Anne-Marie Remont, 50,000 winners on Foreshore Trail This September 25th Trestle. The event came together Over 400 runners On three classified routes, but also hikers and a group of volunteers.

Cyril Le Nye worked hard for success

The longest route of 50 km was returned last year as it could not be established. In 3h 56’40 Cyril Le Nye had the last word with a good lead over Frédéric Cantin and Antoine Puylandre.

Louvargatise, a recent winner at Begard, took the lead before making the difference…And make money At the Bois de l’Enfer in Plouguil, a markup affair.

“According to my watch I have to do 2.3 km more. When I got out of the woods, I was told I was 8 minutes late! »

Cyril Le Nye

The winner of the day takes it with a smile: he catches the runners in front and closes the gap, but he admits that he had to dip into the reserves in the last 10 kilometers, “a complex part with fatigue , bowl “.

A good step in his preparation 66 km until The Great Path of the TemplarsEnd of October.

Trial Estran 2022
After 4:57 and five seconds, Anne-Marie Remont becomes the first woman to complete 50 km. ©Jérémy Nédélec / Le Trégor

Anne-Marie Remont, about 5 hours of effort

After almost 5 hours of effort, Anne-Marie Remont completed the 50km (4h 57’05), more than 1h 10 ahead of the other finishers, Stéphanie Le Bolloc, Mirail Robin and Barbara Fife. Well on her feet, last May’s trial winner in Guerrec walked the first 20km and handled the rest.

“I know the technical difficulties in the second half because I wanted to put myself in from the start of the match, so it was decided at the start. It’s a tricky terrain, the slightest carelessness and you’re prone to fall, and I fell like everyone else. »

Anne-Marie Remont

Anne-Marie Rémont’s calendar does not necessarily mark dates, except perhaps for the Grand Menestrel passage.

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The 32 km radius is dominated by Guillaume and Aberve-Guen

At 32 km, it is Quentin Guillou Winners of 2 hours 24. Ronan Lauer and Gaitan Grace completed the podium. Everything is fresh Marathon winner The objective autonomy between Peros and Pimpol crossed the line 4 minutes earlier than their first follower.

Pauline Aberve-Guen won in 3h 09’55. Fanny Guillau and Audrey Lintenf accompany him in the box. Pauline Aberve-Guen was already a winner 32 km of the 2021 edition!

Trial Estran 2022
Quentin Guillaume wins over 32km in 2h 24m. ©Jérémy Nédélec / Le Trégor

Le Quéré and Claire Le Maillier-Divaret on 14m

Glen le Cure At 14km, 55’50, Sylvain Morin, Alexis Stauffs and Clement Dagon tied. Left at 4 and these runners holed up half an hour later…” And then we got lost! »

“We saw another 500, 600 meters ahead! Well, this is a race where I usually get lost, I did it three times and three times I got lost (laughs)! »

Glen le Cure

Plusunetois has been busy with all of these beauties, temporarily finished and working to finish well. “The weather was good, it was a good race. It is special, Estran: in the mud, in the water, on the rocks, it changes,” he appreciates.

A fourth victory in four stages of the Solidarity Challenge for Le Querre, who now focuses on the 66km des Templars.

All proceeds from this event are donated to charities. Children of the trestle, open your eyes.

Trial Estran 2022
Finally arriving at Trestle Beach, perfect weather. ©Jérémy Nédélec / Le Trégor
Trial Estran 2022
The finish line is not far away, a kudos to the photographer! ©Jérémy Nédélec / Le Trégor
Trial Estran 2022
Over 400 runners crossed the line in 3 ranked races. ©Jérémy Nédélec / Le Trégor

50,000 result

Men. 1. Cyril Le Ney, in 3h 56’40; 2. Frederick Cantin, 4:26 am; 3. Antoine Puillandre, 4:31:30 am; 4. Jonas Le Moute, 4:32 am; 5. Sylvain Le Berrigaud, 4:34 am 6. Ludovic Cabaret, 4:41:40; 7. Brieuc Le Gall, 4:43 am; 8. Loic Tallot, 4:47:20; 9. Ewen Garillon, 4:49:12; 10. Thibaut Lecomte, 4:50:05 am

women 1. Anne-Marie Remond, in 4:57:05; 2. Stéphanie Le Bolloc’h, 6:11:55 am; 3. Mireille Robin, 6:24:20; 4. Barbara Fife, 6:36:10.

Trial Estran 2022
Rocks, mud, water: this is what makes the Estran Trail salty. ©Jérémy Nédélec / Le Trégor
Trial Estran 2022
The Estran Trail is a solidarity run. Profits are donated to the associations Les Enfants de Trestel and Ouvert les Yeux. ©Jérémy Nédélec / Le Trégor
Trial Estran 2022
Over 400 runners crossed the line in 3 ranked races. ©Jérémy Nédélec / Le Trégor

Results of 32 km

Men. 1. Quentin Guillou, in 2 hours 24 minutes; 2. Ronan Lauer, 2:28:10; 3. Gaytan Grace, 2h 33’05; 4. Antoine Cordon, 2:33:30; 5. Regis LeCarluer, 2:35:12; 6. Jean-Noel Captain, 2h 35’45; 7. Didier Trehio, 2:39; 8. Marin Benz, 2:39:05; 9. Baptiste Le Bournot, 2:41 am; 10. Olivier Le Bihan, 2:42 am

women 1. Pauline Aberwe-Guen, in 3:09:55; 2. Fanny Guillou, 3:22:05; 3. Audrey Lintenf, 3:27:35; 4. Amelie Blanchard, 3:29:50; 5. Stephanie Lohoo, 3:32:05; 6. Ellen Dubose, 3:33:30; 7. Marine Demy, 3:38:20; 8. Sophie Derian, 3:39:28; 9. Sandra Cam, 3:45 am; 10. Axel Benoist, 3:55:40.

Trial Estran 2022
Rocks, mud, water: this is what makes the Estran Trail salty. ©Jérémy Nédélec / Le Trégor
Trial Estran 2022
Young people have distinguished themselves on the path to Estran Edition 2022. ©Jérémy Nédélec / Le Trégor
Trial Estran 2022
Young people have distinguished themselves on the Estran 2022 path. ©Jérémy Nédélec

14k results

Men. 1. Glenn Le Quéré, in 55’50; 2. Sylvain Morin, 56’20; 3. Alexis Stuffs and Clement Dagon, 56’48; 5. Jean Marie Kerambrun, 57’11; 6. Bruno Jesequal, 57’23: 7. Manuel Prigent, 57’37; 8. Florian Boscher, 57’46; 9. Jeremy Beauville, 58’18; 10. Jerome Chauvel, 58’50.

women 1. Claire Le Maillier-Divaret, 1h 11’06; 2. Sabrina Losahic, 1:11:52; 3. Monica Miller, 1:14:26; 4. Anna Caillabet, 1:15:04; 5. Laura Larver, 1:18:06; 6. Vanessa Roparz, 1:18:24; 7. Marie-Amelie Le Mesle, 1:19:33; 8. Solenn Chabaud, 1:19:52; 9. Nomi Mewell, 1:19:55; 10. Donatella Argante, 1:20:10.

Trial Estran 2022
There’s no denying it: to listen to the runners, Estran’s trail really is a dog run! ©Jérémy Nédélec / Le Trégor

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