Pedri: “It’s a tragedy” after Barca exit and Bayern defeat

After the defeat against Bayern Munich (0-3), Movistar +: “We did not enter the field with the same motivation. We wanted to promise the supporters a win, but it was not possible. We are a very young team and have a lot of room for improvement. A lot of things need to be improved. We are not at the level to compete in the Champions League. It’s a disappointment. Not much has happened. We have to be self-critical and move on, because there are so many more headlines.

But after we see this (Wednesday) In the evening, it was clear that we were not ready to compete. We missed a lot of things: more composure on the ball, looking for the right option, without opponents in front we lose a lot of balls… a lot of things. In the game, we saw that they are very strong physically, and when you put space behind you, they take advantage of it. We lost too many duels. You have to work, and we knew we were almost out. We needed a miracle.

Now we will give everything to win the Europa League. There, I believe it is a disaster. But we are too young. There are a lot of recruits and we don’t know each other yet. We don’t have time, but yes, it’s a tragedy because Barca still have to get through the group stage. »

“We thrive on disappointment”

FC Barcelona coach Xavi

Xavi, FC Barcelona coach, at Movistar +: “Thank you to the fans for their unwavering support. The atmosphere was incredible. It’s a shame they couldn’t thank them on the field. Now we are going to be cut from the Champions League. You have to face reality. I said earlier that we need to grow, we grow based on disappointment and today it is real disappointment. We didn’t compete, we weren’t at their level. They were very good, better than us, more intense. The elimination before the start of the match definitely took a toll on us mentally.

Now we must stand together. I remember the end of the match with everyone “Barcelonism” United. The season doesn’t end in October. It’s a tough blow, but there are still titles to be won. I understand that some people are talking about disaster, but we will do another analysis. It’s a cruel way to leave, but if we analyze our matches, I think we should be a little bit better. »

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