Olivier Giroud: “At 36, it’s a gift”

Is the World Cup still a dream?
A childhood dream, yes. When we get a chance to participate, we want to go all the way. I have the opportunity to play a third with this talented young group that gives us a lot of hope. We are not going to claim that we are favourites, we are not going to claim to go to the final to defend our title, even if we have our own idea in mind. It will be step by step and we will try again to bring the cup home. And I’m always hungry. I’m closer to the end than the beginning, but I’m still motivated and that’s why I’m still here. Mind is everything in the game. I can never have enough, I always want more.

Are you in the shape of your life?
The best, I don’t know, but if you see some of my goals before, I was already doing “zlataneries”, things like that, I like acrobatic goals. I feel good physically, in my game, in the club and in the France team. At 36, being able to be so decisive and feel good is a gift.

Is this your last World Cup?
I have not set any limits for myself. I said this might be my last match, but I don’t feel like announcing anything. We will see after the World Cup, but my determination to continue and enjoy at the highest level is unwavering. As long as my body allows me, I don’t set any limits for myself.

Given what happened to Nkungu, should we be so concerned about injuries in training?
Yes, you have to pay attention in training, the coach tells us. But there are incredible things and we’re always a bit exposed with injuries. But you shouldn’t think about it, don’t worry and train normally, if you feel minor injuries, minor pains, pay attention. ยป

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