Noel Le Gret announces the departure of Pascal Garibien, technical director of arbitration

They wanted her for over a year and finally got her. This Thursday, in the Executive Committee of the FFF, President Noel Le Gret granted the wish of the presidents of the professional clubs by announcing the imminent departure of the Technical Director of Arbitration (DTA) Pascal Garibien. And then confirmed it to us. “We are moving towards a change of strategy in mediation, The Federation boss explains. I’ll get Pascal (Caribbean) fast A change is more likely, but that doesn’t mean all clubs will win their matches. »

After the World Cup, it is clear that the Caribbean will no longer be in office. “You can’t deny there are some professionals who don’t want him anymore. Le Graët explains. But you must honor your employment contract. I have to accept it and see the future with it. I will tell him: “Pascal, we’re going to stop. Now, how do we do it?” “For the rest, whether we mention Anthony Gauthier or Alain Sars, the name of Stéphane Lanoy inevitably comes back. “In principle, we will get few candidates, Le Grete continues. Since we imagine the Caribbean is going, there are still a few.. Every executive committee, where there are supporters, will look at four or five possible people and select the ones they think are the best, in a short time. »

“It’s not a push for Ligue 1 clubs, but a deep desire to reform things to improve”

Jean-Pierre Revere, President of Nice

In fact, the professionals put a lot of pressure on the FFF to end the activities of Gharibyan, who was considered too rigid, locked in his certainties and, according to them, unable to evolve. They received Eric Borghini, President of the Federal Commission of Referees and member of the Executive Committee of the FFF. Feeling threatened himself – L1’s presidents understood him – Borghini let Garibien go. Before Le Gret, a longtime supporter against the sale and against the tide, his DTA realized he no longer had a choice.

Nice’s president, Jean-Pierre Revere, who has been in charge of the arbitration file in the professional sector for several weeks, does not want to win. “The arbitration is subject to the FFF, He remembers immediately. But it is true that we want to make our Ligue 1 as spectacular as possible, and refereeing is an integral part of this project. So, we worked on this issue. It’s not a pushover from Ligue 1 clubs, but a deep desire to reform things to improve. The goal is to be able to work with a different guideline. The work done by Pascal Garibien over the years was also fruitful, but in the evolution of our project, perhaps it was time to have another guide. Now, we want to choose a DTA federation that is in line with our desired development. But the choice is his. »

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