“No one will have mercy on us”

Like the Lakers, the Warriors ended the season on the wrong foot and tonight the NBA champions lost for the 8th time in a row at home. Against Phoenix, Stephen Curry was phenomenal with his 50 points, but the 2022 Finals MVP can’t play heroes every night, and the problem is collective. Steve Kerr, for example, laments the lack of passion and connection between the players.

“When things aren’t going well, one player brings the group together near the free throw line, he brings them together, he motivates the group” Steve Kerr emphasizes. ” All that is lost now and I saw a lot of heads down tonight. I think we feel sorry for ourselves when no one feels sorry for us. Everyone is looking forward to playing against us and kicking ass. »

Lack of participation

If the other 29 teams are impatient to play the Warriors, it’s because the NBA champion doesn’t master his subject and has an air of vengeance. Since the mid-2010s, Golden State has been the best team in the league, beaten and well-decorated by Curry and Co.

“We’ve had a lot of success, a lot of joy, a lot of joy, beating others over the years, teams don’t forget that.” He believes. “They’re enjoying themselves right now. I also feel that sports will reward you when you are really involved. If you really fight together, the shots come in, the whistles go your way, the cuts go your way… none of that, and that’s why we’re still not winning outside. It was a training match. »

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