NBA: The incredible revelation of LeBron James’ “biggest hater.”

Even though LeBron James has entered his 20th season in the NBA, the Lakers player is in contention with Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant for the honorary title of the Goat. However, the King doesn’t just have fans, one of his haters didn’t fail to give an incredible story about LeBron James.

At age 37, LeBron James is about to make a little more history NBA. Of course, soon, the star The Lakers He would become the top scorer in his sport and then dethroned for sure Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Inevitably, with a record like that, King will establish himself as a candidate for GOAT more than ever. Discussions are going on now LeBron James And Michael Jordan Above all. The player The Lakers So it has its supporters, but it also has its detractors. star of NBA There is far from unanimity among fans. Which makes for some fantastic scenes.

“I’m a Celtics fan”

Team member LeBron James until Lakers, Patrick Beverley On his podcast, he adopted a self-proclaimed “ LeBron James’ biggest hater “. This is called Dave PortnoyMedia boss Barstool Sports. He then opened up and explained his relationship with the king Let’s talk basketballWhere it all began: I am the biggest LeBron James hater in the world! I think I wrote an article in 2014: “27 Reasons Why I Think LeBron Is The Devil”. You should know I’m a Celtics fan and I was in the room when the Heat knocked off Boston in the conference finals in 2012. “.

“He sent me 10 security guards”

Following his intervention, Dave Portnoy An incident was reported during this operation between the heat And The Celtics. ” I was sitting courtside for Game 7 and he sent 10 security guards to tell me I had no right to talk to him. “, he later revealed LeBron James.

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