NBA: Kevin Durant talks big and clashes with his teammates

Kevin Durant talked about the Nets’ struggles with Kyrie Irving’s imminent return. To this end, he did not hesitate to question the construction of the workforce and especially the quality of the starting five. He also unleashed his truths about his leadership skills and NBA legacy.

Kyrie Irving, now suspended for two weeks, should make his return this Sunday Grizzlies. The net They need it, currently in 12th place in the Eastern Conference, with a record of six wins to nine losses. With its leaderlessness and difficulties Ben Simmons To find its best position, Brooklyn No would say no to the return of one of his best elements, at least from a sporting perspective.

“What do you expect from these five? »

for Kevin DurantWe have to face the facts: no net As currently constructed it is not capable of being improved. ” Check out our top five. Edmund Sumner, Royce O’Neill, Joe Harris, Nicholas Claxton and myself. No disrespect, what do you expect out of those five? You hope we win because I’m here. With No. 7 here, you expect us to play well “, he said Bleacher Report.

“Many say I am not a leader”

Kevin Durant He returned to his role as a leader and the criticism he might face. He was particularly criticized by some for not stepping up to the plate later Kyrie Irving He refused to be vaccinated against Covid-19, which prevented him from playing a good role last season. ” Am I not a leader? what does it mean ? A lot of people say I’m not a leader because I didn’t tell Kyrie to get vaccinated. let’s go. Or I didn’t criticize Kyrie when he left the team to live his life. I’m not one to tell adults what they should or shouldn’t do in their lives, or dissect their beliefs or what they think.. »

“It’s stupid in my eyes”

The MVP 2014 continued: “ All the bullshit like “you gotta win before you retire and make sure your legacy is in order” is bullshit to me. My legacy is based on what Cam Thomas learned from me when he was 10 years old to help him. That is my heritage. What I bring to Andre Roberson is the confidence that I helped build when he was in the league. That is my heritage. Being able to play with Russell Westbrook, Steph Curry, Kyrie and still be me. That is my heritage. This is me. That’s what I bring to the game. I can play with anyone, anywhere, anytime, and you know I bring it every day. This should be my legacy. »

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