NBA: Imminent outcome in Kyrie Irving case

Suspended for two weeks, Kyrie Irving will soon be back on the NBA courts. After sharing an anti-Semitic video on social networks, the 30-year-old leader is close to meeting conditions set by the Nets to resume his work force. He could start Sunday against the Grizzlies.

Kyrie Irving See the end of the tunnel. For several weeks, the leader net The debate was sparked after an anti-Semitic film was shared on social networks. Faced with reluctance to apologize to the media, Brooklyn He was suspended for at least five matches. It’s been two weeks now Kyrie Irving Abstaining from prosecution and having to meet a list of six conditions set by his franchise in order to hope to return, the case will be close.

“Kyrie Continues Journey of Conversation and Education”

In effect, Tamika TremaglioThe players’ union director said ESPN that ” Kyrie continues his journey of conversation and education. He faced the full impact of his voice and actions, especially the impact on the Jewish community. Kyrie rejects anti-Semitism in any form and is determined to improve himself and his level of understanding. He intends to continue this journey in the future to ensure that his words and actions are in line with his quest for truth and knowledge.. »

Come back on Sunday?

Players union vice president Jaylen Brown recently came forward on the file, demanding accountability from the owner. net, Joe Sai. The player The Celtics It was surprising Kyrie Irving Not back yet, it could happen soon. Accordingly ESPNThe 30-year-old leader could join the rest of his team-mates on Sunday Memphis Grizzlies.

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