NBA: How did Kyrie Irving get here?

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This is the latest scandal to rock the American basketball world. Already known as a sulfurous player with a rich history of behavior, Kyrie Irving He was recently sacked by his club Brooklyn Nets. the reason ? The 30-year-old recently took to his social media to promote the film Hebrews to Negroes: Awakening Black America, considered openly anti-Semitic. Despite the controversy, Irving A public apology would have taken a long time.

A profile accustomed to controversy

The player net Not on the first try when it comes to behavior problems. Although he missed a good portion of the meetings last season because he refused vaccination against Covid-19, Irving People still managed to talk about him for the wrong reasons. In January, he was fined $25,000 after an altercation with a football fan. Riders. It came to fans in April The Celtics He became inflamed by uttering insults and middle fingers, thus receiving a new fine of $50,000.

Future in suspense in NBA

This time, the Australian-born basketball player went further because his stance undermined an entire community. His sponsor dropped out Nike, Kyrie Irving His franchise also received a suspension of at least five games, which established a very specific process before a player could play again. When the contract expires at the end of the season, Irving Can never play with them again net If his dismissal is prolonged. In this scenario, would another franchise take the risk of signing an out-of-form player who has never been stingy with controversy? Playmaker Brooklyn Blame yourself anyway…

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