NBA boss says Kyrie Irving is “no doubt” anti-Semitic

While communication between Kyrie Irving and the Nets was down, the Leader was able to speak directly with Adam Silver following his suspension for sharing a conspiratorial, anti-Semitic film. The NBA’s big boss, himself a Jew, has “no doubt” that Kyrie Irving is not personally anti-Semitic.

“We had a direct and frank discussion,” reports Adam Silver. “He’s someone I’ve known for almost ten years, and I’ve never heard an anti-Semitic word from him, or, I’ve never heard any hatred towards any group. But whether he’s anti-Semitic or not is not decisive. To the destruction caused by the publication of hateful content.”

Because even if Kyrie Irving doesn’t hate Jews, it’s a problem that he (to what extent?) holds anti-Semitic doctrines. Adam Silver recognizes that the NBA and Nets reacted late in any case, but “Commissioner” makes sure to be aware of the context.

“I think we reached the right settlement on his suspension, and maybe we could have gotten there sooner. I accept that criticism. But I felt it was important to understand the context in which this message was posted to understand what kind of punishment that was. It’s not to justify, but to judge what punishment is most appropriate.”

Adam Silver has seen the film in question in any case, is clearly anti-Semitic, and he regrets that Amazon agreed to distribute such content.

“I think Amazon also needs to make decisions,” he concludes. “My first instinct was to tell myself that such vile, hateful content is not available on Amazon Prime.”

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