NBA: After Kyrie Irving’s suspension, the Nets face a challenge

After deciding to suspend Kyrie Irving, the Nets placed six conditions on his return. Franchise owner Joe Tsai recently said his player still has work to do before returning to the NBA floor. The situation calls into question Jaylen Brown, vice president of the players’ union.

It’s been two weeks since Kyrie Irving was suspended by the franchise. On Nov. 4, the Nets announced the suspension of their 30-year-old point guard after he shared a video on social networks with content deemed anti-Semitic. after, Brooklyn He made a list of six tasks he had to complete if he wanted to be restored with the rest of the group. It is clear that this is not the case yet, because Joe SaiThe owner netsaid recently Kyrie Irving had” Always work to do “.

“For me, Sai’s response is worrying”

A seemingly stagnant and worrisome situation Jaylen Brown. The player The Celtics He is also the Vice President of the Players’ Union. As he had done so a few days before, he again expressed himself on the subject and called for accounts Joe Sai. ” To me Sai’s reaction is disturbing. He did not say the organization was working with Kyrie to allow him to return. He said Kyrie still has work to do. I think our community as a whole, especially Jo Tsai, still has work to do. It is 2022. We need 10 minutes to meet the owners of the companies and their associates to see what they are doing “, he said in revealing comments Basketball session.

“We must have answers”

Jaylen Brown Followed by: ” I am the vice president of the union. Part of my job is to protect players legally. Seeing as Phil Knight condemns Kyrie and Joe Tsai says he still has work to do… I think it’s time for a big conversation. This is still an indefinite suspension. He’s already missed 5 or 6 games (7, editor’s note), how many more? Is there anything else behind? Is the situation more important? Need a great conversation? We must have answers. Anyway, I want to know what Joe Tsai means with this release. I am curious to know. »

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