NBA: After his trade request, Kevin Durant drops his truths

Last summer, it was long thought that Kevin Durant would no longer be a Nets player this year. The MVP of the 2013-2014 season demanded his trade, even to the point where the heads of Sean Marks and Steve Nash claimed to stay. He recently returned to this episode and justified his desire to leave the New York franchise.

12th in the Eastern Conference with a record of six wins and nine losses, The net Far from their goals. It’s been two weeks now, and it should be said that they can’t count Kyrie Irving out, but its problems Brooklyn That is not new. After a first-round loss in the playoffs last season Boston Celtics (4-0), Kevin Durant His trade demanded. A soap opera that lasts all summer and not much at the end. The net They demanded too much from their player in return and forced him to stay.

“I wanted to work more”

In an interview with Bleacher Report, Kevin Durant Back to the reasons that led him to leave the franchise. ” It was not difficult to ask for a transfer because it was purely basketball. I went to see them to tell them that I didn’t like the way we were preparing. I don’t like shootarounds, I like training. I needed more. I wanted to work more. Hold me accountable. If this helps others please commit me to the video session. I wanted more exercises in training “, he declared.

“I’ve had complaints this summer.”

After poor results at the start of the season, Steve Nash Replaced immediately Jack VaughanIt seems more appropriate Kevin Durant :” I didn’t feel that way, no one was on that wavelength. This is the case with Jack Vaughan. I had complaints this summer, and those complaints weren’t just about me, but about how we were moving forward as a team. I want to be respected in the basketball world. I don’t want opponents to look at us and say, ‘Oh, these are thieves.’ This is not the kind of team I want to join. When we play bad, you know who they’re looking at. That is why the transfer was requested. »

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