Mercato Mercato – PSG: Qatar, Real Madrid … announced it, the Mbappé clan lied

Having completed my Masters in International Law, I realized that at the end of my university course it was important to evolve in an area that we would appreciate. The dream of my parents who saw me as a future lawyer, I decided one night to live from my passion: sports. After that, I covered mercatos and sports news and tried to inform the readers as much as possible.

Last May, Kylian Mbappe decided to extend his contract with PSG, thus rejecting Real Madrid’s offer. According to his entourage, the financial aspect will not be the main argument and both the offers are similar. But according to Fred Hermel, a journalist close to the Spanish club, Florentino Perez’s proposal was not in line with Qatar’s.

For several months, The PSG And of Real MadridThey are at war over the Kylian Mbappe file. Two big names sent their best offer to convince the player. In the middle of a soap opera, Mom Mbappe It was announced that the instructions of both the teams were similar.

The Mbappe clan has also hinted at similar offers

We have an agreement with Real Madrid and PSG. Negotiations with both clubs have ended. Now it’s up to Kylian to decide. […] With Real Madrid’s offer, we have full control over the image rights and, on the other hand, financial compensation. There is not much difference between the two offers and they are equal » was announced Faiza Lamari.

“We know the French striker’s entourage lied”

In his column Ace, Fred Hermel confirmed that the clan Mbappe Lied about it. ” The French striker’s entourage are known to have lied when they claimed the offers from PSG and Madrid were identical. Not possible, because the new rules of La Liga, not to mention common sense, will not allow this mess. The journalist wrote.

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