Laurent Blanc after OM-OL: “We made the wrong choices”

“What is your analysis of the meeting?
“When you come here and only play half-time, it’s difficult to come home with points,” I told the players. In the first half, in our use of the ball, we were ordinary, very ordinary. When we got the ball back, we just made bad choices, for example three against one after a corner for them. We made the wrong choices at the wrong times. We collected the balls and returned them within thirty seconds. In the second half, the game was poor, Marseille were not given much play and they defended well. By looking at the ball more seriously, sincerely, a point, you can take it without problem. In the second half, we were in control without getting rid of a counter.

As with Lille’s reception last Sunday, you changed a lot during the break…
I’m not changing the system, I’m changing two components, post by post (Reine-Adelaide for Auwar, Toko Ekambi for Dembele). There are players who performed poorly in the first half. We didn’t defend badly, some players got the job done, but offensively we were very rough. It wasn’t easy, it’s true, I didn’t see many teams playing here in the first forty-five minutes, even Lens struggled, were cornered and missed a lot of chances. (October 22), Maybe more than us. In the second half, we knew there would be a Marseille team with more space, a bit more tired, but we had to be better on the ball…

“There is a major marking error in the Marseille corner”

What did you think of the entrants?
It was better in the second half and Marseille were less efficient at replacing the defence. But hey, I’d rather take a goal on an action, not a set piece. There is a large marking error in the Marseille corner. It would have been nice to go into the locker room at 0-0, but very little in the first half. A good performance in defense.

What did you think of Igor Tudor’s choice of depriving himself of either Payet or Guendoussy?
He played in the same system. He’s got a group of players, he’s got his system, whatever he puts in, that’s not for me to comment on. They have such an energetic, physical, overall game that they attack with six and they only defend with four. Hats off, there’s play, space and action. This is a good thing for L1. That line of five must be crossed (three and sides), If you lose the ball immediately, it’s complicated. But let’s get rid of that stress…there was room tonight.

Worried about your team’s offensive performance?
Offensively, we have players who can score goals, we have them in Lyon, now we have to show them and get them in the goal, that is the most complicated thing. The animation on the sides was better than Montpellier, for example.

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