It is a favorite sports game of players all over the world

Once again, an interesting study provides valuable information about player habits. Especially the favorite sports game around the world.

Which might be the most popular sports game in the world? The thorny question that the futbin site sought to answer by providing the results of Google searches over the last 12 months is a very good indicator of the beginning of an answer. So, FIFA or PES instead?

FIFA ahead?


The top ten games in Google searches are:

  • FIFA 22
  • ESP 22
  • ESP 21
  • NBA 2K22
  • E Football 22
  • Rocket League
  • Cricket 22
  • FIFA 23
  • WWE 2k22

The list clearly indicates that football games are popular all over the world. In fact, four of the video games on the list are soccer games, including the latest version of FIFA. Other video games revolve around car racing, cricket, and basketball, which represent the two most recent NBA video games.

In the West, the most popular sports game title is FIFA. Thus, the 2022 Games represent approximately 78.8% of all countries. The game reached number one in 141 countries. It’s remarkable how popular wrestling is in the USA, with WWE 2K22 standing out the most across the Atlantic.

Finally, we can also note the importance of the NBA in China with the apparent effect and huge success of NBA 2K22. In the case of FIFA, although we know that the game achieves phenomenal sales, again the popularity score does not necessarily indicate the best-selling game.

what isYour favorite sports game?

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