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In Football Manager 2023 it is important to find the future stars of world football and we are going to tell you how to find them.

Soccer Manager 2023The new opes of the famous football license from sports interaction will be released in November 8, November 8, PC, MACs, MACs, MACs, MACs, MACOS, PS5, Xbox series, mobile switch, mobile iOS and Android. Title is already available in beta access.

As in previous games, An important factor is to find cities to findWe will tell you the future stars of world football we will tell you how to find them with your scouting tools.

How to find best cities in the football manager 2023?

If you want to know the way we can find Wonderkids (or young players / nationals) in the football manager, which can be found in 2023, it passes through your scout team. To find the funniest cats and you need to do Take into account the “potential assessment” statistics of Scouts and Recruitment Analyst You need at least 14 people. An important thing to be considered to be considered and knowledge of the country (or scout) in the country you would like to send him.

How to Find Cities in 2023 (Courtesy: Arthur Ray)

If your recruiters know France, if he doesn’t have a very good match, don’t try to send him to a South American country. If you have respected these elements, you can start your recruitment, to start your recruitment, you need to define the search criteria. To find nuggets, here is the path to follow:

  • Click on the menu ” Recruitment »
  • Then click ” Create recruitment focus »
  • Check the box ” Any position from the trick »Then clarify the chance at least at least Three and a half stars
  • Of course, clarify the age Between 15 and 23 years of agebut also Recruitment sector
  • Check the preference and complete your search ” Continued “, then Select your recruiters, analyst Finally press the key to confirm

You’re going there, your search you defined, your recruiters are looking for cities all year round. If you want to facilitate your life, we offer guides in a particular position for every youth of interest Our article is dedicated to the best cities in the football manager of the Football Manager.

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