Grand Slam for Budd Racing in Paris

Published by writing Thursday, November 17, 2022 at 8:43 am.

The 9MM Bud Racing Kawasaki team won the Grand Slam in Paris with Chris Bloss and Matt Moss winning all six SX2 rounds of the 39th Paris Supercross contested in front of 40,000 spectators. Paris is magical and will last forever! The Parisian classic has certainly achieved great sporting and popular success, and this 2022 vintage will retain a very special flavor for the entire Budd Racing team.

Coming to Paris with the three Musketeers involved in SX2, on one side Chris Bloss and Matt Moss experienced in SX at World SX pace and on the other Quentin Pregniers coming off a great MX season, the team played at the front. Saturday evening like Sunday. Saturday was Chris’ day as he dominated all three races on the program and had a great evening. Chris, winner of the first evening and favorite in the race for the Prince of Paris title, will have a narrow victory on Sunday (5/4/19) with a crash at the start of the first race and another crash in the final. After three solid races at the foot of this first evening’s podium on Saturday (6/4/4),

Matt Moss will take over in style and win…. In three matches of the day on Sunday. Matt was absolutely delighted when he was crowned Prince Bercy in front of American Jace Owen and teammate Chris Bloss, the second net winner of the evening. If the party was to be total, Quentin Pregniers finished his first SX on a high note (10/9/9 first evening 15/7/3) finishing third in the final race of the weekend. With six wins in six rounds, two riders on the podium including the winner, many fans and participants happy to experience the event with us, this 39th Supercross was a great end to this 2022 season.

(Bud Racing Press Release)

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