Grand Raid 2022 results confirmed by C. Dauwalter Impress, B. Marmissolle.

The great raid that celebrated the 30th edition lived up to all its promises, with a great fight at the front to crown Benat Marmisol and the victory of Courtney Dowalter (fourth overall) that impressed the public and all the observers.

This great Raid 2022 (172 km / 10,200 m D+), will fulfill all its promises. What we expected on the intense island, a race so intense, the sight offered by the runners and the many twists and turns we were able to experience did not disappoint. .

From the beginning, two of the favorites, Greg Karmer2019 Winner and Nation’s Child David House took the lead and remained their favorite.

In Grand Raid 2022, Benat Marmizol becomes the King of Fools

We found a podium behind all the favorite candidates, but also the victory in this 2022 edition.

Among women, American Courtney Dowalter It took off quickly and developed at its own pace in the forefront.

After a cold and wet night, the runners arrived at the silos, already some twists and turns.

Greg Karmer Throw in the towel because of the pain of hate, Danny Jung The winner, in 2021, suffered the same subsequent back injury David House He lost along with some of the other runners and ended up six minutes behind Silavos.

Grand Raid Reunion 2022

He later admitted that his head was blown and he panicked when he saw his bib handed to the organisers.

Then we found a pair at the head of the race Benat Marmissol And Jean-Philippe Schumy.

The runners returned to Muffat via Tibit, one of the island’s jewels, and the race actually started with the Franco-Swiss pair leading the way.
American followers Ben Dhiman And Germaine Granger.

As Marla passed through the Islet at the Bourse Grand Place, then the Roche Plate and the Deux Bras, the duo raced to the finish.

behind Courtney Dowalter Scratch was fifth in the classification halfway through and dropped after 80km. Anne-Lise Rousset About an hour.
Then we found in the top 10, Maxim Casages (FTL pain drop), Lambert Santelli (forced to retire shortly after), Reunions Judicial SoutronThe Belgian boy Jerome Vanderschege, Yannick Noel, Anthony Pipitone And Julian Corrier.

Grand Raid, c. Dauwalter at the foot of the podium, 1h13 from the winner.

Courtney returns at the flat rock level at km 115 Germaine Granger and Ben Dhiman. They would take turns walking together for about thirty kilometers, each one knowing the empty paths, “Group solidarity wins more than war”Recognized Germaine Granger End of the race.

25km from the finish, on the Chemin des Anglais, the top 5 seemed set, but what would be the order at the finish?


Benat Marmissol And Jean-Philippe Schumy It was in Colorado that the Basque took the lead to win, still together, but barely six minutes ahead of the Swiss who should have won.
Benat Marmissol Won in 23h14′, entering the big leagues and confirming his recent results, 3rd in Grand Raid 2021, winner of 6000D 2022 and 6th in UTMB® this year.
The new rules stipulate that if the two arrive together, the oldest is declared the winner, a rule that benefits the Basques.

behind, Ben Dhiman Attacking the path of the fifth-placed Englishman, unassisted and controlling his race with only a load-shedding bag and running gear, he was gradually making his way back to Courtney and then Jermaine. Third place at Redout Stadium

Courtney Dowalter Remarkable throughout the race, causing much ink and saliva in the local and international media, Scratch finished at the foot of the podium, 1h13′ after the winner, 8 minutes ahead of Germaine Granger.

Note the excellent sixth position Yannick NoelSeventh place JErom Vanderschege, Anthony Pipitone 8 isth In front of the ever-smiling Reunion Judicial Soutron And Julian CorrierAfter victories in 2009 and 2011, the author of a typical run put him back in the top 10.

Antoine Guillon Finished 11th for 15th consecutive Grand Raid. Clement Desil 12thEternal Rene Rovera 13th And a great performance by the youth Benjamin Rubiol 14th.


in women Courtney After this victory in this Grand Raid she will crush the race and confirm that she is currently unbeatable and the best ultra trail runner in the world.
With its track record, it refines a unique track record with all monuments at Western States, UTMB 2021, Hardrock 2022 and Grand Raid 2022.

Anne-Lise Rousset She finished second, never to be relinquished, 4h20 behind the American, 2 hours ahead of the Swede. Anna Carlson.

Sarah please He finished his race in fourth place after declaring at the finish after staying close to the podium for a long time “Crazy Diagonal is much harder than Narrow Escape”She won in 2022.

Sylvain Cassot Rounding out the top 5, finishing just under 11 hours behind the winner.

Maud Combariu Complete 7th, Justin Rouverol 8th And Daphne Linderme 9th.

The 30th edition will go down in the history of the event, which is mainly related to the performance of the American, but also the density of runners participating in the start and conditions given to us by all the actors of this diagonal. crazy

*Antoine Guillon : 15th consecutive participation in this race with perfect track record, 11 times in TOP 4.
1 win in 2015, 4 2nd places (2010, 2012, 2016, 2017), 2 3rd places (2007, 2009), 4 4th places (2008, 2011, 2013, 2018), 6th place in 2021 28th place in Tor des Géants, 2019
and 11th in 2022

By Fred Buso – © Fred Buso

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