Fred VanVleet recognizes himself in another underrated leader –

The Toronto Raptors point guard has worked hard to get to where he is today. Currently, the Raptors are in the top 5 NBA point guard debate. “FVV” recently confessed that his journey is similar to that of another player who is now breaking it all, but no one is talking about.

In full swing at the start of the season, Dino didn’t wait to tackle New Orleans’ shortstop to pay tribute to Jose Alvarado. In 2020, the Canadian franchise relocated to Tampa due to a well-received health situation at the time. The period when VanVleet trained with Jose Alvarado was still just a prospect. “It was probably the best training session I’ve ever had”He remembered. “Just in terms of energy, vitality and competitiveness. And I remember looking at him and thinking, ‘I remember being like that.’ Do you see what I mean? I could see myself in him. Just in terms of mindset”.

Similar journeys

Both cracks come out of the same place. A fact Raptor would like to point out: “It’s every man for himself. You’re really gambling your survival, and you don’t realize it until you live it. You’re playing for your living, you’re playing for your family. There’s no time to relax, no time to be overcome with emotion. You just have to come and make your mark. I want to see Jose do it.” It is clearly something that has been achieved.”

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