“First place in the draft”, Vembanyama’s ambition

A true French basketball sensation, Victor Wembanyama has created emulation on the other side of the Atlantic this season. With the Blues currently preparing for the 2023 World Cup qualifiers, Victor Wembanyama has spoken of his aim to go first in the draft.

“I aim to be first in the draft in full preparation with the Blues for the qualifiers for the 2023 World Cup,” said Victor Wembanyama. Full of ambition, the 18-year-old shared one of his goals. He will keep much to himself, “short, medium and long-term”: “I can’t say everything”, he confesses.

He will take part in the qualifiers for the 2023 World Cup with the Blues before the Czech Republic face Lithuania on November 11, Bosnia on November 14 and Lithuania in February.

Ambitions that seem founded

Not even the comments of basketball legends like Stephen Curry and LeBron James who have praised him and cheered him after his impressive performances when he participated in matches on American soil can’t touch him. “It makes no difference to me. No one’s word in the world is worth as much as my vision of the project,” he explained.

In late October, the NBA announced that Victor Wembanyama’s Metropolitans would broadcast 92 games on the NBA League Pass platform and commentate in English. To do this, the NBA will grant the rights to the LNB. Negotiations go further for BetClick Elite. As the NBA also buys the rights to the Leader’s Cup, playoffs and highlights of the French championship.

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