Fabian Ruiz on his PSG debut: “Marco Verratti helped me a lot”

“How’s your adjustment going?

As the coach explained, it was a bit difficult for me because I was training alone and I didn’t have the right physical shape. I had great feelings in the last two matches (OM, AC Ajaccio, 1-0, 3-0). I hope this happens in the future as well.

Can you tell us how you worked to get back to your level?
I trained alone in Naples for a month. I had a real disadvantage in the ball game. During training, staying longer at the training center, I returned to the level. I felt really good physically in these last two races.

We understand a successful technical relationship between you and Marco Verratti. Do you enjoy growing up with him?
He’s a player I know obviously, he’s a very good player, he’s an incredible person and he helped me a lot in the beginning. In the early days, he helped me as much as he could because I spoke Italian. He is very easy to play with and has immense qualities. We have great players, but one of them is Marco Verratti.

Are you more comfortable in a three-person or two-person environment?
I think I can adapt to both games, it depends on the coach’s decisions. I was already playing in 4-3-3 and I feel comfortable in the second system as well (with the double pivot). I am a player who likes effort. I love running.

“I have no problems with the coach (Luis Enrique)”

What do you think of the comparison between Javier Pastore and Thiago Motta?
It’s always good to be compared to the best players. I try to bring this profile, but it is a satisfaction to be compared to these great players.

Despite the differences with your coach Luis Enrique, do you still hope to play the World Cup with your team?
I have no problems with the coach, on the contrary. I wish the best for my country but I am more focused on PSG where I can bring everything I can.

The top three are not known for making significant defensive withdrawals. Is it difficult for a midfielder to play behind them?
It is a great pleasure to have these three stars in front of you. They are great players and they can win you a match and I am here to give them a good experience. »

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