Evan Fournier is struggling on the Knicks bench

0/5 against the Pistons, then 0/5 against the Thunder. Evan Fournier is in pretty bad shape these days. In early November, the Frenchman was put in five nicks by Cam Reddish. After this pick by Tom Thibodeau, his production plummeted: averaging just 3 points… on 20% shots per 15 minutes of play.

The thing is, when you only shoot three times a game… it adds up, it adds up. At the end of the season, look at your percentage, it’s not good. But now it’s hard to find the rhythm. The fact that the rotation doesn’t know, what I get back, etc. I want to do good, be in the moment, be ready for anything “Judging a 30-year-old player.

Not a “map”.

The latter, starting at the beginning of the season, averaged 11 points on 40% shooting success. His below-average production from the start of his career since arriving in New York.

Evan Fournier explains “ No reason To be open about his condition with his coach. the reason ” It’s not about me, it’s about us, about winning games. Yes, I will try to do my best with what I have. [Sortir du banc] That is not an excuse. I need to defend myself to help the team. That’s all I can really say. »

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