Cotentin. At 17, Clement won a bike race and a triathlon in one weekend!

Clément Martin (in the second plan) with Jean-Jacques Médard defeated the noble Anthony-Delaplace on Saturday 22 October.  The next day, he won the Peaux Triathlon.
Clement Martin (at 2 p.mE Plan) with Jean-Jacques Médard winning Gentlemen Anthony-Delaplace on Saturday 22 October. The next day, he won the Peaux Triathlon. (© André QUENTIN)

He is not yet old, but Ikwurdrevillais Clement Martin Experiencing rapid progress. On October 22 and 23, 2022, Nord-Cotentinois won for the first time on a Saturday. The Gentlemen of Anthony-Delaplace with Jean-Jacques Medard (UA Brickbeck), and then on Sunday the 16th he wonE Edition Devout XS Triathlon.

“At the end of the year I feel very good physically”, observes the AS resident In Tourlav. “I’m preparing more for the race now, especially with the regional des La Presse de la Manche strides In the viewfinder. I am going to take a short month off and resume cycling training to prepare for the new season. »

A rival at heart

The Cherbourgeois Completed the second full season of the cycle. “I used to do athletics, but I got bored. My first year in Cadets 2 was complicated because there were only difficult matches. Anyway, I managed,” recounts the man who ranked this summer. 1er Junior of the Grand Prix de la Sainte-Anne at Brickbeck.

The transition between running and cycling made perfect sense. “I love competition in general and wanted to get back into a physically demanding sport. “Running helped me in terms of cardio and allowed me to maintain a high threshold,” says the son. Gregory70 amateur road wins in the 90s.

“Sports take up a lot of my time”

Currently in final year Millett High School, Clement Martin must reconcile sports and studies. “School comes first, but sports take up a lot of my time during the week,” he admits. Cotentinois learned from his first matches with the seniors.

“They have more experience. It shows me that I need to run smarter and make fewer mistakes. I follow my father’s advice, he knows the inner workings of racing and knows how it goes. »

Clement Martin

Therefore, Clement Martin Identifies its areas of improvement for 2023. “I need to work on strength and improve my race vision for better analysis. I want to be in good shape all year and perform everywhere! »

From our correspondent Brice DUFOUR

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