Christopher Nkunku’s injury: Eduardo Kamavinga had nothing to do with it

This is an episode that could have gone well. Since Eduardo Kamavinga and Christopher Nkungu were at war when Christopher Nkunku was injured on Tuesday, the Madrid midfielder will be responsible for the Leipzig striker’s misfortunes, at least as far as social networks are concerned, with the young midfielder (20 years old). old) this Wednesday.

The reality is more subtle. Yes, Kamavinga was dueling, but he did not touch his compatriot. Nkungu injured himself during a change of direction he attempted to operate on, causing an unfortunate twist to his left knee. And his pack.

Kamavinga was nervous at first

This didn’t stop the former Rennais from feeling uncomfortable at first. He was particularly sorry, sorry, hurt, when he learned that the Bundesliga’s current top scorer would not be flying with the group to Doha the next day. He came to see him in his room in Clairefontaine, just before his departure, at half past midnight, in a taxi to his parents’ house.

Messages of a racist nature sent on social networks are moderated by the people who handle Kamavinga’s communication, ensuring that the latter is not affected. Likewise, this Wednesday, as he flew to Doha, the Madrid native had the calm smile of someone who knew he had nothing to be ashamed of. In Blues’ entourage, his morale is thus ensured to be at an all-time high. And that he is ready to face the challenges of a World Cup.

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