Cavan. Saturday night trial for Clement and friends

Clement Rusio Cavan Trial
Young Clement Rusciau, alone and like an adult, secures the night trial pub organized in Cavan on Saturday 19th. © Pascale Le Roux

Runners and walkers are invited to come and lend their muscles and breath, Saturday 19th November in CavanFor the third edition of the meeting of the association In Clement’s footsteps.

A sporting challenge with profits going to charity. Of course, the funds collected will go towards the financing of an electric wheelchair, especially for young Clemente Rusio, for the benefit of the National Association. Overcome lysosomal storage diseases (VML) and to all other friends with rare diseases.

The list can be extended to other associated beneficiaries.

Departure from the Pierre-Yvon Trémel Esplanade

The departure of this third opus from the Pierre-Yvonne-Trémel esplanade is at 5:30 p.m. c.Bear childrenfor and at 7 p.m 12 km road. The 8 km climb Free ride from 5 p.m.

On the course, several animations will interrupt the circuit, and upon reaching the village hall, pumpkin soup and pancake for each participant. On the side, a raffle with over 150 prizes is open to all.

Registration for the trial can be done online at the site Price: €7; Or €10 on site on race day.

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