Carmelo Anthony in Taiwan soon? Hello the NBA ephad –

After Dwight Howard, the legend who can pack his bags for sunny Taiwan is Carmelo Anthony. This story is really starting to stink of a retirement home.

Oh no that Carmelo, not today, not after all you’ve done! (To be read with Thierry Gilardi’s voice). After 19 seasons, 10 All-Star games, certainly cold moments, but some of the hottest moments in the big league, “Melo” is going to break down Taiwan this season, just like his friend Dwight Howard. Seeing the hype and financial benefits of the Ricken pivot signing with the Taoyuan Leopards, the Tainan Goosehawks approached the club’s president, Anthony. Still without a contract, the 38-year-old powerful winger has not given an official answer.

Despite declining over the past few years, thanks to an address that has aged like fine wine, Anthony can still put on a few 3-point pearls: 37.5% with the Lakers last season. Are we not going to believe that some franchise who finished eighth in all-time leading scorers couldn’t give him some minutes? Especially since Mellow shouldn’t be too expensive in the market right now (about 3 peanuts and a packet of Marlboros). So we’re eagerly awaiting the reaction of the former New York legend who managed to come off the stat sheet with 46 points and 17 rebounds in every game on the Asian island.

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