Benjamin Mendy trial: “Don’t let a moral perspective cloud your judgement”, reminds judge

“Don’t think your judgments should be the same as Mr. Mendy and Mr. Maturi. » Judge Steven Everett laid out the legal provisions to twelve jurors at Chester Crown Court (Cheshire) this Wednesday. Benjamin Mendy is charged with seven counts of rape, one count of attempted rape and six counts of sexual assault against women; Louis Saha Maturi (no relation to French striker Louis Saha) Six rapes and one attempted rape of seven women.

Everett then illustrates the legal definitions of rape, attempted rape, and sexual assault. The prosecution must prove to jurors that the plaintiffs’ consent was not at the heart of the negotiations from the beginning of the trial. “A person consents to something if he consents and is able to make a free choice. Lack of consent can be demonstrated by various factors such as dedication and fear (without threat or force). »

“Not a Moral Court”

Pedagogue and focus, the judge reminded jurors “This is a court, not a moral court. You may have concluded that Mr. Mendy and Mr. Maturi want to sleep with many women and sometimes they tend to sleep with the same woman on the same night at the same party. Don’t let an ethical view of this behavior cloud your judgment. »

The trial continues this morning with prosecutor Timothy Cray, who must prove Mendy and Maturi’s guilt to jurors. The pleas of the lawyers of both the accused may continue on Thursday and Monday.

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