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Baptiste Rouxel is back in form. The 16-year-old Alsatian finished at the foot of the Auxerre cyclo-cross podium last Sunday (See the ranking). “This is the first race in juniors where I have good feelings. I went to the last line. I knew there would be traffic jams because of the lack of width. It was a management race. My goal was to get back into the top 10. “I’m happy to finish fourth.”Happy with the microphone DirectVelo A new member of AC Bizondine.

“A Little Ambition”

The transition to the junior ranks was not easy for the winner of the Coupe de France Cadets at Bagnols-de-l’Aon and fourth in the French championship. “I couldn’t get full runs. I did 20 minutes and by the last lap there was nothing left in my legs. I finished 22nd and 29th in Nomma. It was disappointing because I was level with Aubin (Sparfell) and he won. I may have made some bad choices during my road season. But last Friday, I was upgraded to Elite in Saint-Etienne-les-Remiremont and I felt it coming back.”.

A good omen ahead of the next stage of the Coupe de France scheduled for this weekend in Camors (Morbihan). “I’m aiming for a top 15. Many French have UCI points and it’s important to pick up some in Auxerre”. Then he thinks about the French championships in Bagnols-de-l’Orne. “I really like the circuit, I know it by heart. I obviously have a small wish. I’m hoping for a top 10 or even a top 5. The season is still very long. I tell myself there’s still a way to progress.”. He is also eyeing selection for the France team.

“If I hadn’t been there, he probably wouldn’t have had his name.”

Baptiste Rouxell started cycling as a pre-licensee. “I wanted my brother Gauthier to ride a bike. First played football. He saw me walking and he got on it. Three years later he became the French Cadet Champion. If it wasn’t for me, he probably wouldn’t have gotten that title. His elder brother will also be in AC Byzantine Reserve. “When we were both at the same club we never did well. I hope it will be the same in Besançon and we will find our good years together. It’s really cool to have him on the same team as you.”

Next year, he plans to hit the road for next winter. “They have a very good racing program. They accompany juniors well. In Junior 2 the aim will be to add kilometers to go the distance. For example, watching Alexis David, he had a great season on the road and is going like an airplane in cyclo-cross”.

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