Bach. Long-distance running: Pierre Mitev at the 24 Hours of Albi

Pierre Mitev (bib n°36), this lotois, has not finished surprising us...
Pierre Mitev (bib n°36), this lotois, has not finished surprising us… (©DR)

The Runner from AC-Gigouzac/Saint-Germain-du-Bel-Air 184.692 km during this period 9E Edition of the 24 Hours of Racing organized around the track of the Albigensian Stadium on October 22nd and 23rd.

This mark allows Pierre Mitaev to take the best sixth place in the general classification and the victory in the M6 ​​category for over 65s.

In the realm of extreme endurance, physical condition is obviously essential. As you practice, you discover skills to explore and develop. Although the mind is also critical, running is part of the duration, on a day-to-day basis. It’s a lifestyle choice ; Practice is essential before performance, which becomes more of a consequence than a goal. By confronting other runners, competition invites itself as an indicator of our personal progress, thanks above all to the material organization of the race conditions most favorable to the result. It is known that there are days with and without. Human nature in all its glory ! »

A specialist in long non-stop races, i.e. a full time trial in a line or a loop like the Albi Track, Pierre Mitev embodies his passion for exploration and self-knowledge with longevity in races that bring together runners of all ages. And all levels.

His Albigensian podium over 24 hours will end the 2022 season with a winning season in early April at the French 100km championship in Bellevue (10:30am 3rd M6).

Two beautiful green beacons in the way of the terrestrial navigator…

Weekend results

Eleven athletes from AC-Gigouzac/Saint-Germain-du-Bel-Air took part in the road race from “La Châtaigneraie” to Cardaillac (10 km). Paul Le Lay 47’04 1st M4, Frédéric Dudon 47’11 1st M1, Sandrine Salsette 55’24, Jean-Marie Guilmin 56″, Claude Chazaren 58’06, Michel Serteaux 1h 08, Josie, Solly125é Elyane Renaudin 1h36 1st M9, Didier Bessounie 1h36, Laurent Barrau 1h45.

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