At the anti-Le Mans 24 Hours meeting

When a journalist from your magazine travels to the beautiful city of Le Mans (Sarthe), it is usually to attend a motorsports event. Proof of this is that I couldn’t hear the toxin blaring when I last saw St. Julian’s Cathedral on the eve of the start of the 24 Hours of Manse.

On this Wednesday evening, November 9, the city center is more peaceful, yet the smell of burnt rubber lingers around the Place des Comtes-du-Mines. A working meeting initiated by the collective “Stop 24h” should be held at Maison des Citizens and Auto.Weekly Not just the media who made the trip. Three journalists stand around to collect the positions of the spokesman for the organization that wants to cancel the centennial edition (June 10-11, 2023). He refuses to speak without covering his face, as it is a waste of time; Local media will have to use some unfamiliar words. ” This will take a few weeks “. They are not the only ones leaving disappointed. The three young men are politely dismissed. They introduce themselves as “racing fans” and want to defend for 24 hours if possible.

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