Are Nets leaders already frustrated with Ben Simmons?

Ben Simmons Since May 14, 2021, the symbolic bar of ten registered has not been exceeded. It was during Game 4 of this famous series against the Hawks, the starting point of a long imbroglio between the Sixers and him, that culminated in his transfer to Brooklyn.

In tonight’s loss at Sacramento, the Australian scored 11 points (5/7 on shots) with 5 rebounds and 3 assists. We wouldn’t focus too much on this kind of performance coming from a player who averaged 17 points four years ago if he hadn’t suffered health issues in recent months.

It takes time to build, especially if the nerves are injured. It takes 18 months for the nerves to heal completely. People don’t know that. But over time, I’m getting better and better. We must move on “, the positive 26-year-old player, referring to his back operation.

Do the Nets, desperate for consistency and results, have enough “time” ahead of them? According to The Athletic, frustration with him has been growing internally in recent weeks.

Staff would question his availability, quality and even his passion for the game. For example, he slipped late in the game during Sunday’s loss to the Lakers, forcing the team to claim his left knee to justify his absence.

He doesn’t like the bullshit around him

I love this sport, I love this sport. do i like All the crap surrounding it? no But I love sports and go with it. A lot comes from being in this position “, recalls Joel Embiid’s former teammate. It’s telling pressure “Constantly understand, what his situation has made” Good days and bad days can arouse suspicion. ” But when does it peak? ‘Shit!’ »

To those who doubt him, he goes even further in his comments about his back problems: ” I can’t do much (Understanding). (people) Wasn’t there when I couldn’t walk. They were not there when the ambulance boarded to take them to the hospital (After the February 2020 match in Milwaukee). People weren’t there, so they don’t know. It was my first game against Milwaukee and it was the start of my back pain. »

This unfinished pleasure – the leader says ” Saturated Treatment, including for his painful knee – will it prevent him from regaining his footing? Currently in 12th place in the East with just 6 wins in 15 games, the Nets, still without Kyrie Irving, will want an answer ASAP…

Always replaced

The good news is that he would have responded well to the crisis meeting at the end of October. If expected in this role, Markieff Morris would have spoken in front of all his teammates about the Australian’s need for a responsive team now and how he knows how to respond to adversity on the field. Tonight in Sacramento, for example, we saw him attack the circle in transition more clearly. A sign of aggression in the process of reasserting itself?

One thing is for sure, the Nets seem to be doing everything to thrive on this team. “ The important thing is that the group still believes in him – and they do – putting him in a position to succeed. […] Offensively, I’m going to do my best to put him in position, whether it’s just in terms of how I put him on the court, when he comes in… and try to make him comfortable as a player. This is my challenge », displays Jack Vaughan.

For the time being, this challenge is realized through simple substitution. Steve Nash’s successor knows the Australian, who used 20 minutes overnight, wants to play more. ” But I told him, with me, (priority) Always what is best for the group Koch concludes.

Ben Simmons percent Soaring
season Crew GM At least Shots 3 points LF Off Def Earlier pd the party International bp CT points
2017-18 PHL 81 34 54.5 0.0 56.0 1.8 6.4 8.1 8.2 2.6 1.7 3.4 0.9 15.8
2018-19 PHL 79 34 56.3 0.0 60.0 2.2 6.7 8.8 7.7 2.7 1.4 3.5 0.8 16.9
2019-20 PHL 57 35 58.0 28.6 62.1 2.0 5.8 7.8 8.0 3.3 2.1 3.5 0.6 16.4
2020-21 PHL 58 32 55.7 30.0 61.3 1.6 5.6 7.2 6.9 3.0 1.6 3.0 0.6 14.3
2022-23 B.R.K 9 27 44.4 0.0 46.7 1.1 5.1 6.2 5.9 4.1 1.1 2.2 0.6 5.2
total 284 34 55.8 14.3 59.6 1.9 6.1 8.0 7.7 2.9 1.7 3.3 0.7 15.6

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