Another loss for the Lakers, Cleveland and Mitchell start their season –

A continuation of last night’s NBA with results. The program includes seven games, including Phoenix’s win against the Clippers, Charlotte against Atlanta, or the Lakers’ recent loss against the Trail Blazers in Portland.

Results :

Los Angeles Lakers- Portland Trail Blazers 104-106

Cleveland Cavaliers -Washington Wizards 117-107

Utah Jazz – New Orleans Pelicans 123-122

Sacramento Kings- Golden State Warriors 125-130

Charlotte Hornets – Atlanta Hawks 126-109

Minnesota Timberwolves –Oklahoma City Thunder 116-106

Phoenix Suns Los Angeles Clippers 112-95

Cleveland picked up another win over Washington as leading scorer Donovan Mitchell finished with 37 points and 4 assists. A win that allows the Cavs to maintain a positive record with 2 wins and 1 loss. The defending champs are also doing well against Sacramento thanks to Stephen Curry’s 33 points, Golden State’s second straight win. The same was true for Phoenix, who handed the Clippers their first setback of the season, with Devin Booker leading the way with 35 points, ably assisted by Chris Paul and his 11 assists. Damian Lillard with 41 units was on fire and the Portland Trail Blazers carried a new setback for the Lakers. Finally, Charlotte defeated the Atlanta Hawks, as did Utah with an overtime win over the New Orleans Pelicans.

The final game for Rudy Gobert’s franchise, the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Frenchman contributed 15 points and 15 rebounds to his team’s victory, while Anthony Edwards did the job with 30 points against Oklahoma City, which suffered its third loss in as many games since the start of the season.

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