A televised episode for the seventh round of the Coupe de France

Facing the emergency, the FFF has organized a broadcast plan for this weekend’s seventh round of the Coupe de France with Ligue 2 clubs entering action. The National Cup is awaiting a television deal. A tender call for the rights to broadcast the match was unsuccessful last spring.

The France TV-Eurosport duo, the body’s usual television partner, responded to the consultation for the next four seasons, but offered only around 15 million euros per year, a far cry from the 21 million euros per year of the previous contract. Surprisingly, the FFF executive announced the county tender “failed”. Since then, the situation has stalled, though negotiations with France TV and Eurosport had to be resumed to find a solution.

Saint-Etienne – Rodez and Valencia – Red Star on FFF TV

Meanwhile, according to our information gathered at Sportal, an international sports and media meeting in Monaco, the French federation has decided to produce and program five live matches on its FFF TV site: AS Saint-Etienne (L2 )-Rodes AF (L2); Orvolt Sport (R1)-Stade Lavallois (L2); Valenciennes (L2)-Red Star (N); FC Chambly (N2)-Amiens SC (L2), US Saint-Malo (N2)-SM Caen (L2).

In addition, the FFF allows leagues and clubs to produce and broadcast matches on their digital platforms, which is the case for Stade Bordelais-Girondins de Bordeaux on the official Girondins channel.

The federation also decided to grant France Televisions’ foreign regional branches an unusual authorization to broadcast live the regional finals in Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyana and Reunion, as well as the three matches of the France teams from Mayotte. Polynesia and New Caledonia.

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